At SAYSKY, we are passionate about supporting everyday heroes, including amateur runners who are dedicated to chasing their dream goals and aiming for the stars. We understand that balancing work, family, and training can be challenging, but we believe that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their dreams.

Our athletes are more than just representatives of SAYSKY - they're members of our supportive community who inspire others with their positive attitudes and sportsmanship. As a SAYSKY athlete, you'll receive an apparel sponsorship program that's designed to provide support and assistance to help you achieve your goals. The annual program includes several deliveries based on our seasonal collections, as well as a personal gift card and discount voucher if you're interested in purchasing additional items.

To become a SAYSKY Athlete, we want to get to know you better and learn about your passion for running. Whether you are an amateur runner who is just starting out or someone who has been running for years, we welcome your application as long as you are dedicated to chasing after your dreams. As part of your application, we would also like to request the following information: 

  • How did you come across SAYSKY
  • Most recent results, PB’s and athletic performances
  • Your social media appearance with a link to an Instagram account or other relevant platforms
  • Future race plans and events

We are excited to support you on your journey as a SAYSKY Athlete and help you reach for the stars!


If you would like to apply for the SAYSKY Athlete Team or have any questions:

Please note that we receive a lot of sponsorship requests weekly. Therefore, take your time before applying and make sure to cover all the above. We don’t consider standardized or half-hearted applications. 


In the meantime, keep up with some of the other passionate SAYSKY athletes and the online Instagram community #sayskyathlete.