SAYSKY new arrivals for both men and women

SAYSKY new arrivals are made for you, who absolutely must get your fingers on all of our newest performance wear. 

Below you can find the information you need about: 

  • What we offer you
  • Additional information and recommendations 

What we offer you

We offer a wide selection of running shorts, created for performance and competition. We have both men's and women's shorts, and you will find everything from tight-fitting shorts to split shorts.

You can also shop our running tights and pants right here, suitable for the colder months. Wear them on your run, for a walk, or in the gym. We also offer running pants, which have a more relaxed fit. These will fit for everyday activities but are also made for running and workouts in the gym. 

SAYSKY offers a large selection of singlets and these will keep you ventilated and comfortable throughout your run, especially during the warmer months. We also offer both short sleeve and long sleeve running t-shirts, which will work perfectly for running, triathlon and fitness all year round. During the winter, we would recommend our jackets and merino wool, when the temperature drops and you need more layers to keep warm.

Our style is urban, casual, and relaxed. Shop all our cool styles today!

Additional information and recommendations

We regularly update our website with news for both men and women. 

But you will not only be able to find running clothes and accessories, you can also read about our latest news, upcoming collections, guides, and interviews. Head over to our blog right here.

Besides our blog, you can also find all the information you need to know about us. And should you be interested in reading about our races, athletes, and running crews - you can find all the above right here on our website.