SAYSKY merchandise for both men and women

SAYSKY merchandise is all the accessories you need to complete your look. You can find everything from water bottles to arm sleeves that are suitable for both men and women.

Below we have gathered a small overview for you, so you can easily navigate through the accessories we offer. You can read about: 

  • What we offer 
  • Additional information and recommendations

What we offer

Our merchandise is created for you who just can't get enough of SAYSKY. We have assembled the best for you and all our accessories are suitable for both men and women and for all kinds of sports.

Create a cool look wherever you are with our accessories. For example, you can use our water bottles at work, in the gym, on the bike ride, or after your run. They are cool and easy to drink from.

In addition to our water bottles, we also offer our running arm sleeves, which are for the runner who would like to look fast - but certainly is too! Sleeves have not always been the most popular, but they are worn by the best runners around the world and that is why we have designed them for you, who also want to be fashionable and look cool. They come in black with a classic SAYSKY logo in white on both sides.

If you want to shop our running gear you can do it right here. All our running gear is designed with the best materials and will give you the best conditions for performing every day!

Additional information and recommendations

We regularly update our website with news for both men and women. 

But you will not only be able to find running clothes and accessories, you can likely read about our latest news, upcoming collections, guides and interviews. Head over to our blog right here.

Besides our blog, you can also find all the information you need to know about us. And should you be interested in reading about our races, athletes and running crews - you can find all the above right here on our website.