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SAYSKY running sunglasses

SAYSKY sunglasses are designed with a casual and relaxed attitude. All you have to worry about is performing and doing your best. These are created for the runner who will not compromise on quality or style. In the summer, it is important to protect your eyes from the sun and our sunglasses are not only created for sports - you can also use them anywhere in the streets or on the beach.

We have created an overview for you below, where you can read about all the benefits of our running sunglasses. You will be able to find information on: 

  • UV protection
  • TR90 Frame
  • Additional information and recommendations

High UV protection

Although our running sunglasses are designed to look cool, you shouldn't take it too lightly. They are definitely designed for high performance on all your training sessions and on race day too.

We have manufactured all our running sunglasses with polarized lenses that block 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC. 

TR90 Frame

In addition, all our running sunglasses are made with a TR90 frame, which ensures that the glasses are light, durable, and flexible. All our running sunglasses can therefore be used again and again. The TR90 frame is known for being extremely strong and is the most optimal material to use for sports glasses.

This means that the material is resistant to the sun and doesn't wear out quickly compared to other sunglasses.

Additional information and recommendations

All our running sunglasses are suitable for use all year round. If you want to shop all our running accessories you can find the collection right here. And if you are interested in checking out all our running clothes that we offer, you can buy them here.