The Core Collections

The Core Collections


In the SAYSKY universe, there are different collections, each with its own unique style and purpose. If you’re new to SAYSKY, the variety might seem a bit overwhelming at first. So, here’s a quick overview to help you navigate through our Core Collections.


This is for the runners who want the lightest fabrics, next-to-skin feeling, super ventilation and very fast drying times. The technical pinnacle within the SAYSKY universe and everything you’d expect from a high-performance range.

  • Intended use: a race-driven product range for the most dedicated and demanding runners, who knows that less is more.
  • Temperature range: all the way from high summer (20+ degrees/68+ fahrenheit) to the cooler days during shoulder season (5 to 10 degrees/ 40 to 50 fahrenheit).

You can see the entire Flow Collection right here  

Our go-to option when we’re talking high intensity workouts, blistering sun, or full-on race. The collection comes with very technical fabrics made from complex yarns that are super lightweight, sweat wicking, very breathable and quick drying times.
  • Intended use: for the runners who want lightness, high ventilation, and breathability during high-intensity training or warm race days.
  • Temperature range: ideal for warm summer days (15+ degrees/60+ fahrenheit) or as a layering piece in between seasons.

You can get a better view at the Combat Collection right here 


Everyday training essentials for long runs and shoulder season when comfort is high on the agenda. The look is non-technical, but the range still comes with performance features such as being sweat wicking and breathable.

  • Intended use: this is the training collection and for runners looking for a comfortable fit and soft feel, whether running or in the gym.
  • Temperature range: ideal for layering or as stand-alone pieces on cooler days (5 to 15 degrees/40 to 60 fahrenheit).

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The sportswear range designed to handle a bit of everything, whether in the gym or running. The styles come with a relaxed fit and a very high focus on comfort. But don’t mistake the laid-back vibe, as the designs and fabrics are still performance oriented.

  • Intended use: the urban sportswear range for multi-sport and running, defined by comfort and a casual look and feel.
  • Temperature range: covers everything from indoor training to outdoor sessions in temperate weather (10 to 20 degrees/50 to 70 fahrenheit)

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