Staff Favourites - Emil’s choice for Spring long runs

Staff Favourites - Emil’s choice for Spring long runs


The next one to take the spotlight in our ongoing Staff Favourites series is Emil Toft, our Marketing Student Assistant, who recently traded the sticky and sweaty handball courts to the open waters of triathlon, giving him a fresh perspective on Monday mornings coming into the office with goggle eyes.


As a former handball player for over a decade, Emil has always been active and thrived in the competitive world of sports. Without experience on a bike or in a pool, he quickly got captivated by the diverse training and mental focus required for endurance training.

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For Emil, the joy of sport isn’t just about the finish line. As a newcomer in the world of triathlon, he has quickly found pleasure in the months of planned training, the camaraderie built with fellow athletes, the challenges of learning new skills and the mental clarity that comes from pushing physical limits.


While endurance sports and marketing are his current focus, Emil’s childhood was filled with dreams of becoming a professional chef. Yet, with the calorie-burning pace of triathletes, we’re sure he’s spending plenty of time in the kitchen at home. Maybe we’ll see him in the next Masterchef?

Emil considers running his go-to activity - His favourite workout is his weekly long run during Springtime, fully geared up in the Combat & Flow Collection.

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