SAYSKY merino running t-shirts for men and women 

SAYSKY merino running t-shirts are designed for those who want to keep warm and comfortable throughout the winter, but at the same time want to look cool on their run. When it's cold and windy outside, you prefer a material that blocks the cold while being breathable. The last thing you want to worry about is whether the clothes you are wearing are getting wet because of sweat and thus heavy and uncomfortable to wear. SAYSKY has the solution to the problem and we focus on offering you the best products at the best price.

Make your winter run enjoyable with our merino wool running t-shirts! We have gathered an overview for you below, where you can read about: 

  • Australian merino wool 
  • The advantages of merino wool
  • Additional information and recommendations


100% Australian merino wool

All of our merino running t-shirts are made from 100% Australian merino wool and the material will keep you dry, comfortable, and warm throughout your run. You can also use our merino wool clothes on colder days on the way to work, in the gym, or for everyday use. We also offer merino wool running accessories on those really cold days where you want to protect your head, neck, and ears.

The SAYSKY merino running t-shirts will serve as a new favorite during the colder months and we don't go outside without wearing them. Designed for both men and women, they have a relaxed and athletic fit. We believe that the fit should be a little tighter, without sitting too tight, so that the perfect balance between comfort and breathability is created.

We offer both long-sleeved and short-sleeved running t-shirts made of merino wool and you can use them as an outer layer, or under a jacket when the temperature really drops and you have to face the harsh winter conditions. In addition, we also have a large number of merino running accessories, such as mittens, scarves, and hats that will keep you safe and warm throughout the winter.

The advantages of merino wool

There are a lot of benefits of doing sports in merino wool. We have listed some of the benefits below: 

  1. Breathable 
  2. Durable 
  3. Odor resistant
  4. Sustainable 

Our merino wool does not only fit well in the winter months. You can easily wear our merino wool running t-shirts all year round.

Because of the composition and fabric, merino wool is very breathable and moisture resistant. Merino wool is also extremely durable and naturally odor-resistant. You can therefore run in our merino wool time and time again, without sweat being stuck in the clothes.

Read the story about Kristian, who ran 1000km in our merino wool without washing it. 

Furthermore, merino wool is extremely sustainable as it is naturally degraded in nature. You can read about all the many benefits of merino wool right here.

Great selection right here

All our merino wool running t-shirts are perfect as an outer layer, but you can also wear them underneath a jacket. You can shop all our running jackets right here, which will fit perfectly during the winter. At the same time, you can check out all our nice running clothes right here, which will fit very well with our merino wool.